Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scheduling Meetings Continue

Met with Nicholas today and worked through Lyons' requests/requirements. They want me to run a study skills class two days a week which could dovetail with college entry talks. It sounds good and I'm eager to do it. I know these seniors pretty well and have had my ups and downs with them. I hope a study/college class will be more up than down.

On The Green School front, worked on ideas for the Parent Association and volunteered to be part of a series of trainings on creating a non profit and doing fund raising that the school has paid a consultant to run for us. Participating will be a great way to further library funding efforts to support our students.

Confirmed Thursday, September 23rd as the date when a local Brooklyn Public Library young adult services librarian will set up a table in the cafeteria from 10:30 to 1:30, giving students at all three schools an opportunity to get public library cards and learn about BPL's many young adult programs.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, the schedule will be approved and I'll be able to send out my first communiqué to all staff.

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