Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brooklyn Public Librarians Visit Gaynor Campus to Issue Library Cards

Ms. Silver and Ms. Curran of the Brooklyn Public Library worked tirelessly in the cafeteria during all three schools' lunch periods to issue library cards to students 13 and over and accept applications from students 12 and under.

The librarians positioned themselves just before TYWLS lunch, the first school to use the cafeteria during the day, and continued on through Lyons and The Green School's lunch periods.

The two library advocates were great with the students. Next time, I need to try to get them some sort of amplification so they can announce their presence better. Ms. Silver tells me some schools do provide this.

Quite a few students got a card on the spot. The librarians pledge to return, both to distribute cards to the younger students and to canvass the student population again. My job will be to promote the visits better and create more buzz around them.

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