Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Research Lessons and a Scheduling Glitch

Co-taught a Global Studies lesson with Ms. K. of The Green School, whose room is right next to mine. The lesson was about choosing a topic for a research paper and I based it on a graphic organizer I came up with last year, tailoring it for this group of Global Studies students.

Ms. K. and I riffed well off each other and the students seemed to be getting something out of the lesson. The whole point of the worksheet and graphic organizer is to identify topics about which you have strong feelings and begin to take one or two of those broad topics and think of related but ever narrower questions.

Immediately afterwards, I had to finish up the prep work for a Lyons research lesson with Amy and Jesse while supervising Lyons lunch time library access. My projector died as I was frantically getting set up but I was saved by Chris, the tech guru of The Green School, who not only loaned me the Dell laptops I needed but a projector as well. Phew!

Ms. K. came in as I was teaching the Lyons class and asked me if I was teaching right then. Only after a second attempt by poor Ms. K. did I realize that I had booked overlapping classes!

The overlap was 15 minutes, but by the time I got back into Ms. K's room to apologize, she had the students working on something else and seemed fine with doing my lesson another time. I truly appreciate her flexibility and willingness to work with me. Juggling the schedules of three different schools can lead to some hair-raising moments. I'm glad to have colleagues who are so understanding about it.

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