Thursday, October 7, 2010

Self Contained ESL Class Begins

Aim: Why is it good to be bilingual?
Do Now: Write three reasons being bilingual can help you in life. Ideas: friendship, economics (money), etc.

Students settled in fairly well and got their Do Nows done. Next we went over my expectations of them and how I can be a super nice teacher if they give me basic respect, but u can also be as mean as the harshest teacher if the don't.

I talked about my plan for this year's class:

Monday- literature
Tuesday- literature
Wednesday- workshop (bring work from subject-area classes and I'll help you with it)
Thursday- audiovisual (analyze a dialogue or scene from a movie or tv show)
Friday- newspapers

Next, I explained my personal background a little, writing about four key sentences on the board. I then had them do the same about themselves, giving them five minutes to complete their brief narratives. Next, we passed them around to each other as a way of getting to know each other (they were alk written in Spanish).

Finally, as an extension activity, I taught them how to introduce one classmate to another. "Katherine, I'd like you to meet Patty. Katherine, Patty, Patty, Katherine," and then have them shake hands and each say, "Nice to meet you.". As they left, they continued saying, "Nice to meet you," jokingly ad they walked down the hall. I take the humor as a good sign that they feel comfortable playing with the language, which will help them progress. Tomorrow we'll celebrate finally having our own class and get ready for a three day weekend.

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