Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clash of the Distractions

The Books on Film screening drew about 12 Lyons students today. The original plan had been to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but after feedback from the students, it became clear that they'd seen that film too many times and it tends to show up on cable often. I made a last-minute change and e-mailed the Lyons staff last night that we were switching to Clash of the Titans based on student interest. Although it's not based on "a book" per se, it is based on the myth of Perseus, which has been written down many times over the ages, so I allowed it.

After a fire drill right as Lyons was letting out, the kids were confused as to weather they could come back in the building or not, but I let the security guards know that it was OK with me, as Books on Film night is becoming a tradition. When all was said and done, a few kids settled down to pay attention to the movie, including L. and M., pictured here, who wanted a the best view in the house. L. was particularly interested in comparing Percy Jackson from last week with the way the story was told in Clash. He seems very interested in Greco-Roman mythology and wanted to know which of the two versions of the story was the original.

Others wanted to watch the movie while playing on the computers on to the side of the room. This has been happening since the beginning, but the computer users can't stop talking and I have loud Bose Companion audio system, which makes them talk even louder. I'm going to send an e-mail out to advisors that there'll be no more computer use during movie night. The kids have free reign over the computers every other day of the week, but on movie night it becomes too distracting. All told, it's nice to see the group get excited about watching a film that can be tied to a written work.

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