Thursday, April 23, 2009

Millions of Reasons for New Yorkers to Read

The books for the New Yorkers Read grant have arrived, so get ready for more gratuitous bookshelf shots!

This impressive collection of hardcover non-fiction goes a long way toward to sprucing up the library's formerly sad looking shelves. The students are coming in to take a look and many are borrowing the new titles. All the student visitors seem pleased, which is the objective after all. It's really a breath of fresh air.

A big thank you goes to the student intern, E., from the Green School, who helped me get them all stamped and put the date-due Post-Its inside the back covers, making them shelf-read. I had a little hitch in signing circulating the materials: as easy as it is to upload the MaRC records through Follett's Titlewave service, I couldn't find my records initially.

It turns out my Follett field rep, J., way back in the October, during his first and only visit, told me to set up a Titlewave account using a self-created user name, which I dutifully did. However, the Library Services group at the DOE had already given instructions to set up all school librarians using their "root" of their DOE e-mail addresses, which in my ase is mfinn4. I wish J. had mentioned this back in the Fall. Perhaps he was unaware of the practice. I know it's hard to stay on top of all these things. I worked in field sales for LexisNexis for eight years, so I really have experienced this type of thing from the rep's perspective.

However, I thought that the problem had been solved. I was told any confusion between the two accounts had been cleared during an earlier mishap, when a Follett back office rep informed me that he had canceled the mfinn4 account. Turns out the MaRC records for these beuties when straight into the mfinn4 account, after all. I finally broke down and went online to request the password, which took almost a day to arrive in my e-mail and am now resigned to having to maintain two Titlewave accounts. No biggie. I'll ween myself off the "gaynorcampus" account next year.

The moral of the story: Don't listen to your field sales rep! (Just kidding, J.)

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